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Tobacco with Flavours for hookah

September 8, 2010 Leave a comment

Types Of  Tobacco Flavors

Tobamel is a sweet substance smoked in a glass  pipe, and containing tobacco. Tobamel is legal in the United States.

Tumbak is Turkish word and refers to tobacco, not necessarily flavored or sweetened.

Jurak, mainly of Indian origin, might be considered as an intermediate substance between traditional sweetened tobaccos and the fruity hookah of modern times. The term applies both to a tobacco mixture that includes fruits or aromatic oils as well as tobacco that is just sweetened.

Ma’sal literally, honeyed, and is the name the “shisha tobacco” is labeled as by the Arabic producers like Egyptian based Nakhla Tobacco.


There are varieties of flavors. Some of the flavors in which it is available are derived from the addition of artificial flavorings; A few of the flavors are based upon the scent of flowers. Flavors include coconut, rose, jasmine, honey, vanilla, strawberry, watermelon, mint, cherry, orange, apple, apricot, chocolate, licorice, coffee, grape, peach, cola, bubblegum, etc.
The Double-Apple is also a very popular flavor in the middle-east by the every day hookah-smokers because of the strength. But two-apple tobaccos are mostly seen in U.S.A.

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