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Here is beautiful unique shaped Silver Fumed Bubbler. Shaped somewhat like a pair of binoculars, this is far from an innocent distance viewing device. At just 4.3 inches/11cm, this bubbler is a true smoker’s companion. The shape allows for easy handling and the small size makes it easy to carry about. Do not however allow the pretty artistic design fool you, this bubbler can increase your smoking pleasure tremendously.

To add to the value and quality of this bubbler, it is fumed with silver, which makes it reflect various colors depending on the surrounding light. With this bubbler, you thus get an art collector’s piece that will ensure you smoke safer, in style and increased pleasure.

The shape of this double bubbler makes for a unique pretty design, but it also offers some advantages to the smoker. Apart from the first compartment containing the bowl holding the burning material and the bulbs containing water, there is another compartment that serves as a smoke chamber. This relatively large smoke chamber allows denser and large quantities of smoke to accumulate, giving the smoker more to enjoy.

The bubbler is made from quality hard borosilicate glass tube fumed with silver. The quality of the production process and of the glass used is very important. Using quality thick walled borosilicate glass tubes ensures that the crafted bubbler is strong, durable and safe. You can be sure that it will not corrode or contaminate the tobacco being smoked.


WATER PIPE 10.6 Inch

June 28, 2010 Leave a comment

Quick Overview

Here is another handy 10.6 inches/ 27 cm tall, very pretty silver fumed water pipe. Made from hard borosil pipe fumed with silver, the glass water pipe is handcrafted by expert glass artists in Nepal. Their aim was to create a glass smoking device that will not only increase smoking pleasure for the smoker, but one that will also conveniently pass off as an exquisite art piece. Looking at this beautiful water pipe and you will readily agree that the aim was meet.

The pretty design of colors on the bubbler is created using a bit of copper and cobalt. The glass artist patiently shapes the glass water pipe, creates the color designs and allows it to slowly cool. Cooling the water pipe slowly helps the glass to retain its hardness and durability.

Product Description

History shows that man started smoking a long time ago both for religious and relaxation purposes. Smoking devices have been around for a long time, created to increase the ease and pleasure associated with smoking. The glass water pipe is however a relatively recently introduced device with a design based on the traditional Indian Hookah.

The use of this glass water pipe will offer you a number of advantages. For example, you can expect smoother smoke hits each time you inhale. This is possible because of the use of water, which helps to cool and filter the smoke. The large pipe leading to the mouthpiece serves as a smoke chamber, which allows the smoke to accumulate and cool off. The silver fumed glass pipe thus guarantees a healthier, cooler, denser and smoother hit each and every time.

Choosing Your First Smoking Pipe Online

June 18, 2010 Leave a comment

In this article and video we provide some advice and information on choosing your first pipes when new to pipe smoking. Some thoughts on navigating the endless selection of available pipe tobacco blends. Those new or experienced with pipe smoking will find some worthwhile tips here.

Filling a pipe properly is a challenge for those new to pipe smoking. In this video I show you a trick that has helped many learn to fill their pipes perfectly. Some of the pipe smoking topics I touch on in this video include not puffing too hard, pipe smoking cadence, tamping, tongue bite, and keeping your pipe clean and dry.

For such more interesting trivia keep visiting our glass pipes blog.


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If you desire a smoother and safer hit when smoking or you just fancy a pretty and unique bubbler, this Silver Fumed Double bubbler is exactly what you need. The bubbler is hand crafted from top quality, very thick borosilicate glass tube fumed with silver. This 5.1 inches/11cm bubbler is pretty to behold, easy to handle and small enough to slip into a small bag or carry around. The double bubbler is fumed with silver and colorfully designed to create a true art work that will certainly win the admiration of all your friends. This silver fumed double bubbler truly affords you an opportunity to enjoy smoking tobacco in style and class.

This small double bubbler makes use of a double chamber that offers a number of advantages that may not be gotten from regular bubblers. The bubbler is crafted to contain more water, which helps to properly filter and cool the smoke from the burning tobacco. The larger quantity of water also makes the bubbler heat up slowly. Bubblers containing lesser amounts of water usually warm up faster.