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How to clean Hukkah

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Hookah Pipe Cleaning

You should use a soft bristle brush to clean the pipe and base bottle.after cleaning you will start to get a thrilling taste.

After using you should clean your pipe straight. This act beneficial to you because smoke in the pipe does not take time to dry. And second thing is, if next time you want to smoke with your friends , then it will be ready for giving enjoy. Always remember that, dry pipe and hose gives you a better smoke.

Metal pipe cleaning.

After each smoke use a brush array of bristle at one end and after that the regular brush’s with a thin array of bristles along the whole length of the brush.

Run hot water through the metal stem or pipe and use wet brush for its cleaning, then run more hot water through the metal pipe.


After 5-6 smokes


Remove the exhaust valve and ball bearing. Run water though the valve and clean the hole using a cotton bud.

The base bottle Cleaning

After  5-6 smoke, you should clean base bottle with washing powder  with hot water and  Leave for 20 minutes then clean using a bottle cleaning brush. Rinse with water until clean. If you don’t wash your bottle at least every month or two it’ll collect dirt and mold.

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Feel the ecstasy of glass pipes

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Glass pipes are a true passion for the smokers. Everyone loves its captivated nature, structure shape and size. Manufacturer consistently strives for better work to make glass piece exciting and unique product. As time progresses glass pipes maker every time makes the quality and innovation in their pipes.

Some special feature glass pipes having size just 3.9 inches are quite handy, easy to carry about and can be operated with one hand. If you require an easy to carry around artistically designed glass spoon to smoke in style, then this spoon is for you. The glass spoon is made from high quality glass. The glass used is very hard to ensure that the smoking spoon does not break easily and is durable.

To use the spoon is fairly easy. Just fill the bowl like chamber with tobacco being careful not to overfill it. Putting too much tobacco may clog the bowl and reduce performance. Once lit, the tobacco smoke can be inhaled via the mouthpiece. This gold fumed spoon should only be used by people who appreciate quality and style.

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A double bubbler provides you extra smooth drags and hit that you may assume you are not getting any smoke at all. Double bubbler is a thrilling accessory of hookah; it makes use of a double chamber that gives interesting advantages that may not be gotten from regular bubblers. The bubbler is designed to be easily held and handled. The bubbler is crafted to contain more water, which helps to properly filter and cool the smoke from the burning tobacco. It is efficient because the larger quantity of water also makes the bubbler heat up slowly. Bubblers containing lesser amounts of water usually warm up faster.

To use the bubbler, you need to pour some water into the bulb at the base of this bubbler head. The water is added via the bowl. After adding water, you dry out the bowl and then add some tobacco into the bowl and ignite it. Some things are better eschewed than chewed; tobacco is one of them.

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Components Of Hookah

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A  hookah is usually made of five components –

Open-top container or Bowl
Also known as the head of the hookah, the bowl is a container, usually made out of clay, that holds the tobacco and coal during the smoking session. It is covered in a small piece of tin foil and holes are made before the coal is placed on top.

Hose or pipes
A hose is a hollow tube designed to carry fluids from one location to another. The end is typically fitted with a metal or wooden mouthpiece.

The plate for “dead” coals
The plate is just below the bowl and is used for dead coals from last smoking sessions. It is not useful for the operation of the hookah.

Body, Gasket and  Valve
The body of the hookah is a hollow tube with a gasket at its bottom. The gasket itself has at least one opening for the hose. The gasket seals the connection of the body of the hookah with the water jar. The gasket may have one more opening with a valve in it for clearing the smoke from the water jar not via the hose. In some cases the gasket may contain openings for more than one hose.

Water Jar

Placed at the bottom of the hookah, the water jar is a container by which the smoke from the tobacco passes before it reaches the hose. By passing through water, the smoke take moisture and is lowered in temperature. This makes inhaling the smoke of the hookah easier than that of a cigarette. Also the water jar allegedly functions as a filter for the smoke. The water level has to be higher than the lowest point of the body’s tube in order for the smoke to pass through it. Liquids other than water may be added, such as a strong alcohol,spirit  mixture or fruit juice.

Furring of Fiberglass Pipe (Fiberglass Pipe Protection)

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Fiberglass or glass fiber pipe protection is an intensely common pipe resistant material. It can range in thickness from a 1 2-inch up to 4 inches. For commercial projects, thickness normally does not exceed 2 inches. Approx 3.5 pounds per cubic foot are the density of glass fiber pipe.

It is suggested (urged) that the closure be tightly butted when firestopping fiberglass pipe insulation installed. Any spaces or voids are areas where airflow can occur. Oxygen is necessary for combustion, and wide spaces where air can flow unchecked can affect the performance of a firestop system.

Floor penetration applications with up to 2-inch-thick fiberglass feature Underwriters Laboratories (UL) systems with swollen (expanding) caulk over mineral wool. As a swollen materials burn there is a requirement of the lower melt point of the fiberglass will create a void or gap as it burns away. Mostly, it is possible to use a 1 2-inch thickness of concrete over a 3- or 4-inch depth of mineral wool packing material. The mineral wool must be tightly packed to compress the insulation against the pipe.

A 5 8-inch depth of fire stop concrete is all that is required to protect most applications. When the protection thickness exceeds 2 inches, a wrap strip enfold-in is the preferred method. When the pipe is not centered in the hole common distress arises. Most UL systems in wall applications allow for a single-point contact, where the insulated pipe or tube contacts the periphery of the opening. For continuous-point contact, few manufacturers have a system in walls (concrete and gypsum), where a bead or droplet of concrete is applied around the perimeter of the protected pipe at its outlet from each side of the wall.

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Bongs and Water Pipes-a comfortable way to smoke

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In many ways tobacco pipes are similar to marijuana pipes, but tobacco burns better than marijuana. Heat resistant materials such as metal, glass, ivory or more heat resistant wood should be used for marijuana as it needs to be re-lit quite often.

A bong is an instrument used to smoke tobacco, cannabis and other substances. Its quite similar to Indian hookah, but you can design it to give it an incredible look. Water pipes and bongs have gained popularity, especially in the Middle East and is gaining popularity in North America, Europe, Australia and Brazil

The bongs and water pipes are quite safer than smoking tobacco pipes as they allow the smoke to pass through water before it reaches to lungs. Especially in these days water pipe smoking seems to be increasing among adults as well as youth. For high entertainment with bongs, a lot of smoke is gathered in one chamber and inhaled.

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