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Enjoy Gas mask bongs smoking with great pleasure.

October 15, 2010 Leave a comment

The Gas Mask  Bong  has become  fashionable smoking way among youngster that  comes with adjustable head straps so through which  you can adjust it to comfortably strap your head. While, strapping  the gas mask  bongs creates an air tight mask around your head.

We have an uncountable number of new styles of Gas Mask Bong tube attachments with various shape ,size and color are available in the market. The first one we launched the product with was a simple acrylic tube, sealed at the end and coming in a variety of bright colors so you can pretend you are at a rave.

You will have endless hours of fun and laughter with this novelty bong and what’s even better is that the bong can be used on its own so you don’t even need to buy another.

Thousands of stoners and smokers have tried to learn how to make a gas mask bong. In the end there is absolutely nothing like a quality gas mask made for smoking. The one,  the only gas mask bong.

There is absolutely nothing like it and should definitely be a part of your collection of bongs and pipes. A gas mask bong will come with adjustable straps which can certainly fit any stoner’s head. They fit comfortably and are one of the coolest bongs in existence.

Once you wear the gas mask and you are ready to smoke, you’ll immediately feel the stoner power flowing through your veins. Pure 100% non saturated SMOKE that you can just breath for as long as you wear the gas mask.

Unlike any huge bong, glass pipe, or any other super crazy bongs, pipes or vaporizers a gas mask is a must have. Smokewire has made this possible by providing you with the highest quality gas mask bongs for sale online.

Enjoy Gas mask bongs smoking with great pleasure.

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