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A look at smoking symbols from the past: Mamie Van Doren

June 9, 2010 Leave a comment

Mamie Van Doren is the daughter of Warner Carl Olander (March 30, 1908 – June 4, 1992) and Lucille Harriet Bennett (January 21, 1912 – August 27, 1995), was born in Rowena, South Dakota. She basically belong to the three-quarters Swedish ancestry. Her first name Joan Crawford was kept after her mother. In 1939, the family moved to Sioux City, Iowa. In May 1942, they moved to Los Angeles.

Mamie Van Doren was a famours Americal actress, a sex symbol and a chain smoker. She was so addicted to smoking that she purchased every new brand that came into market and kept trying different smoking pipes as well as glass pipes through her life.