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Among College Students Hookah Use Common

Hookah smoking by young adults is popular despite a potentially negative effect on their health, a new study has found.

Hookah bars are cropping up everywhere – from chic downtown cafes to locations near college campuses, where they’ve found a loyal customer base in young adults.

A hookah, or water pipe, is a single or multi-stemmed smoking instrument, often made of glass, consisting of a smoke chamber, a bowl, a pipe and a hose. The instrument uses charcoal to heat specially made tobacco that has been soaked in molasses or honey and is highly flavored.

Most hookah cafes offer a wide variety of flavorings on their menu – everything from chocolate to bubble gum, mango to jasmine, mint to rose petals.

“The popularity of hookah smoking among young adults is quite alarming given the potential for negative health effects,” said lead author Erin L. Sutfin, an assistant professor at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center.

“Unfortunately, many young adults are misinformed about the safety of hookah smoking and some mistakenly believe it to be safer than cigarette smoking,” she said.

For their study, researchers sent a web-based survey to a random sample of students from eight North Carolina colleges and universities asking about smoking patterns, drug habits, and the students’ knowledge about these activities.

They found that 40.3% – more than one-third of the students surveyed – reported having ever smoked tobacco from a hookah, while only a slightly higher percentage (46.6) reported having ever smoked a cigarette.

Nearly 25% of students reported being current smokers of cigarettes, and 17.4% said they actively use hookahs.

The survey results showed that freshmen and males were more likely to use hookahs, and that there was an association between those individuals who used hookahs and those who smoked cigarettes, smoked marijuana, had a history of other illegal drug use, and had drank alcohol in the 30 days prior to the survey.

It was also clear from the results that hookah users, in general, shared a mistaken perception that somehow smoking from a hookah was less harmful than smoking a cigarette.

The study appeared online in Drug and Alcohol Dependence.

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Fire testing points

August 3, 2010 Leave a comment

• If the smoke ever becomes harsh, bring the bowl away having a towel (It is going to be hot), and blow to the hookah. This will clear the vase/chamber on the smoke. (Some hookahs arrive with purge valves, and yet another strategy to do this by using a 2+ hose hookah is bring a hose off and blow through.)

• A well packed bowl with fine tobacco can final you a great 45 minutes, possibly 30 mins with some buddies. The coals may well previous from 20 mins up to an hour based on variety and brand.
• Test distinct flavours and makes of shisha tobacco, some provide you with a a great deal far more pleasant and thick smoke than others.
• Attempt different brands of shisha tobacco to locate the one particular that you just like very best at a sensible cost, but don’t be afraid to invest in much more expensive brand names on the tobacco, especially for particular occasions.
• Sense free to mix diverse flavors together, mixing and matching flavors is one from the good joys of a accurate hookah aficionado. A few suggestions can be apple-mango, banana-mango-pineapple, and lemon-mint.
• To help in offering an even shed and avoid foil burn off, test breaking the coal up into smaller pieces, place them within the outer edges and rotate them close to the bowl while moving them steadily inwards. It can be a tiny difficult to break the coal up evenly but it’s absolutely worth the time and effort.
• Cutting up the tobacco may help a great deal in packing the bowl properly and maintaining an even burn off, use a simple pair of kitchen shears. Not as well fine or the tobacco will fall in by means of the holes with the bowl and can occasionally clog up the stem.
• In the event the tobacco is dry, revive it by adding some honey or molasses to it and mixing it in, very good when you’re in the bind.
• If you need to make your personal shisha, take a look at the associated wikiHow on how you can make apple tobacco.
• For any of you who want to elevate your hookah knowledge, here’s a tip: look at employing a piece of fruit for the bowl (including an apple or an orange).<br> It certainly boosts the flavour and, surprisingly sufficient, the session tends to previous longer than it would which has a traditional clay bowl. Here’s a phase by stage guide:
1.    find a circular fruit just like an apple, mango, orange or what ever you can get your hands on a couple of.
2.         Cut the top with the fruit off and leave about 3/4 on the fruit.
3.         Dig in the fruit having a spoon till about 1/4 with the fruit is left intact. (leaving the sides thicker could well be perfect for superior taste and a far better burn).<br>
4.    Use either a corkscrew or any sharp and thin object to force a hole within the bottom.
5.    Now, inside the core in the fruit, poke numerous holes as a result of the hole inside the bottom for making the smoke holes. the far more you make, the simpler it’ll be to suck in later on.
6.    Stick the fruit for the stem, pack the fruit with shisha tobacco, and cover with foil.

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How to clean Hukkah

July 31, 2010 Leave a comment


Hookah Pipe Cleaning

You should use a soft bristle brush to clean the pipe and base bottle.after cleaning you will start to get a thrilling taste.

After using you should clean your pipe straight. This act beneficial to you because smoke in the pipe does not take time to dry. And second thing is, if next time you want to smoke with your friends , then it will be ready for giving enjoy. Always remember that, dry pipe and hose gives you a better smoke.

Metal pipe cleaning.

After each smoke use a brush array of bristle at one end and after that the regular brush’s with a thin array of bristles along the whole length of the brush.

Run hot water through the metal stem or pipe and use wet brush for its cleaning, then run more hot water through the metal pipe.


After 5-6 smokes


Remove the exhaust valve and ball bearing. Run water though the valve and clean the hole using a cotton bud.

The base bottle Cleaning

After  5-6 smoke, you should clean base bottle with washing powder  with hot water and  Leave for 20 minutes then clean using a bottle cleaning brush. Rinse with water until clean. If you don’t wash your bottle at least every month or two it’ll collect dirt and mold.

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Components Of Hookah

July 16, 2010 Leave a comment

A  hookah is usually made of five components –

Open-top container or Bowl
Also known as the head of the hookah, the bowl is a container, usually made out of clay, that holds the tobacco and coal during the smoking session. It is covered in a small piece of tin foil and holes are made before the coal is placed on top.

Hose or pipes
A hose is a hollow tube designed to carry fluids from one location to another. The end is typically fitted with a metal or wooden mouthpiece.

The plate for “dead” coals
The plate is just below the bowl and is used for dead coals from last smoking sessions. It is not useful for the operation of the hookah.

Body, Gasket and  Valve
The body of the hookah is a hollow tube with a gasket at its bottom. The gasket itself has at least one opening for the hose. The gasket seals the connection of the body of the hookah with the water jar. The gasket may have one more opening with a valve in it for clearing the smoke from the water jar not via the hose. In some cases the gasket may contain openings for more than one hose.

Water Jar

Placed at the bottom of the hookah, the water jar is a container by which the smoke from the tobacco passes before it reaches the hose. By passing through water, the smoke take moisture and is lowered in temperature. This makes inhaling the smoke of the hookah easier than that of a cigarette. Also the water jar allegedly functions as a filter for the smoke. The water level has to be higher than the lowest point of the body’s tube in order for the smoke to pass through it. Liquids other than water may be added, such as a strong alcohol,spirit  mixture or fruit juice.

Tobacco and Flavours

July 16, 2010 Leave a comment


Tobamel is a sweet substance smoked in a hookah pipe, and containing tobacco. Tobamel is legal in the United States.
Tumbak is Turkish word and refers to tobacco, not necessarily flavored or sweetened.

Jurak, mainly of Indian origin, might be considered as an intermediate substance between traditional sweetened tobaccos and the fruity hookah of modern times. The term applies both to a tobacco mixture that includes fruits or aromatic oils as well as tobacco that is just sweetened.

Ma’sal literally, honeyed, and is the name the “shisha tobacco” is labeled as by the Arabic producers like Egyptian based Nakhla Tobacco.


There are varieties of flavours. Some of the flavours in which it is available are derived from the addition of artificial flavourings; A few of the flavours are based upon the scent of flowers. Flavours include coconut, rose, jasmine, honey, vanilla, strawberry, watermelon, mint, cherry, orange, apple, apricot, chocolate, licorice, coffee, grape, peach, cola, bubblegum, etc.
The Double-Apple is also a very popular flavour in the middle-east by the every day hookah-smokers because of the strength. But two-apple tobaccos are mostly seen in U.S.A.

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Choosing Your First Smoking Pipe Online

June 18, 2010 Leave a comment

In this article and video we provide some advice and information on choosing your first pipes when new to pipe smoking. Some thoughts on navigating the endless selection of available pipe tobacco blends. Those new or experienced with pipe smoking will find some worthwhile tips here.

Filling a pipe properly is a challenge for those new to pipe smoking. In this video I show you a trick that has helped many learn to fill their pipes perfectly. Some of the pipe smoking topics I touch on in this video include not puffing too hard, pipe smoking cadence, tamping, tongue bite, and keeping your pipe clean and dry.

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