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Sherlock bubbler with beautiful color changes

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Sherlock bubbler are prepared to seduce the beautiful color changes beginning in his hand. These devices are specially designed to only smoke from traditional water pipe from India. Puppets are made of thick-walled tubes of borosilicate glass which are either silver or gold smoke. glass smoking is an art that gives man a unique color characteristic ripples modify this effect. Our gold and silver smoke glass bubblers change color when in use and in response to the backlight.

Sherlock and Hammer Bubblers Smoking has a number of increased benefits. With a water bubbler, the smoke from burning snuff is blown into the water in the bulb and the water used to cool the smoke usually hot. Water also helps to filter smoke tar is soluble in water dissolved as it passes through the water. The smoke chamber of the bubbler can accumulate when the smoker is smoking more and more dense smoke. Flirting with the water, you get to smoke in the style and class with a beautiful unique design of our foreplay. If you want very soft hits in the true sense of leisure, pleasure and style, you should use a bubbler. You can find a large collection of bubblers at Smokewire

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Color changing Sherlock bubblers

November 2, 2010 Leave a comment

Bubblers have running water and often are made of Pyrex glass. glass hammer bubbler consists of a press carburetor bowl work of smoke in the room, and the piece of stem. bubble glass-like glass tubes, except for water-filtering games. bubble glass are elegant pieces of drugs and tend to be proud of the many collections of glass.

Sherlock bubbler is a type of water pipe that looks like the legendary squash pipe used by actors playing fictional detective Sherlock Holmes. Unlike a traditional & quot, bucket & quot, pipe, Sherlock has a curve of the firm: the mouth, the room is curved down and around the back of the cup-shaped & S shape.

Inside Glass Sherlock is a popular type of glass bubbles. Sought after by collectors, Sherlock Glass Bubblers are considered high-end pieces or strong because of his art and the price. Sherlock glass tubes is generally self-supporting the merger of two separate glass factories in the medium (the glass rod and the mouthpiece is connected to the room a glass bowl. More bubblers here:

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Pleasure to hold designer bubbler

October 23, 2010 Leave a comment

The design of a smoking bubbler itself ensures that it is a    pleasure to hold. Bubbler smoking can almost be told to be an art in itself. There is a certain methodical way to go about smoking pipes.

You need to know first of all how to pack your bubbler. Then comes learning how to light it evenly and of course learning how to smoke a bubbler itself will take some time. It may sound painstaking, but the ultimate reward of a smoking bubbler lies in its wonderful aroma and great taste, not to mention how relaxed it makes you.

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Just look at this dazzling bubbler you to fall in line with it. Check the design, each 6.7 inches long in it. The shape and curve of bubbler, and the gaudy drawings embellish many inside and outside of that money has fumed in a bubbler unique works of high quality.

This silver fumed 6.7 Inches/ 17 cm bubbler is made from quality durable borosilicate glass tube fumed with silver.The quality and hardness of the glass tube to ensure that is secure and sturdy than the bubbler is not easy to break, unless it is serious. You can be sure that the glass does not tarnish the chip without the smoke. This work of art in order to settle the experience of smoking bubble protect and fun.

This Hammer bubbler is available at Smokewire


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A double bubbler provides you extra smooth drags and hit that you may assume you are not getting any smoke at all. Double bubbler is a thrilling accessory of hookah; it makes use of a double chamber that gives interesting advantages that may not be gotten from regular bubblers. The bubbler is designed to be easily held and handled. The bubbler is crafted to contain more water, which helps to properly filter and cool the smoke from the burning tobacco. It is efficient because the larger quantity of water also makes the bubbler heat up slowly. Bubblers containing lesser amounts of water usually warm up faster.

To use the bubbler, you need to pour some water into the bulb at the base of this bubbler head. The water is added via the bowl. After adding water, you dry out the bowl and then add some tobacco into the bowl and ignite it. Some things are better eschewed than chewed; tobacco is one of them.

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Here is beautiful unique shaped Silver Fumed Bubbler. Shaped somewhat like a pair of binoculars, this is far from an innocent distance viewing device. At just 4.3 inches/11cm, this bubbler is a true smoker’s companion. The shape allows for easy handling and the small size makes it easy to carry about. Do not however allow the pretty artistic design fool you, this bubbler can increase your smoking pleasure tremendously.

To add to the value and quality of this bubbler, it is fumed with silver, which makes it reflect various colors depending on the surrounding light. With this bubbler, you thus get an art collector’s piece that will ensure you smoke safer, in style and increased pleasure.

The shape of this double bubbler makes for a unique pretty design, but it also offers some advantages to the smoker. Apart from the first compartment containing the bowl holding the burning material and the bulbs containing water, there is another compartment that serves as a smoke chamber. This relatively large smoke chamber allows denser and large quantities of smoke to accumulate, giving the smoker more to enjoy.

The bubbler is made from quality hard borosilicate glass tube fumed with silver. The quality of the production process and of the glass used is very important. Using quality thick walled borosilicate glass tubes ensures that the crafted bubbler is strong, durable and safe. You can be sure that it will not corrode or contaminate the tobacco being smoked.


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This Silver Fumed Bubbler is indeed more than just a smoking device but is clearly also a work of art. Standing at a portable height of 3.9 inches/ 9 cm only, it is handy to use with one hand or carry in your pocket. Made from hard quality borosilicate glass tube fumed with silver, this bubbler is colorful, beautiful, safe and durable.
The silver used to fume the bubbler glass creates a beautiful color changing effect. The bubbler’s colors changes constantly based on the background light. The intricate unique design and shape of the bubbler makes it stand out as not just a smoking companion but also as an art collector’s piece.

This small sherlock bubbler is designed to be easy to use and operate. Well crafted to be hard and durable you have no need to worry about durability. When blown glass is heated too fast it tends to make the final glass product too brittle. This Silver Fumed bubbler was hand crafted by skilled professional craftsmen. Special designed heaters where used to slowly cool the bubblers so that the final product is a strong durable product that will not break easily or contaminate the smoked material in any way.The bubbler is designed to be easy to handle with one hand. You need to light the material in the bowl and inhale with your mouth via the mouth piece to draw the smoke into the water. The water cools and filters the smoke, which then flows to the mouth piece through the smoke chamber. With the Silver Fumed bubbler you can enjoy heightened healthy and safe smoking experience.

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